Product Description


The texture of the Romana tile features a smooth, uniform surface with a light grey / dark grey color. The design is reminiscent of concrete or stone, offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic

The flat version is ideal for feature walls or accent areas where a more pronounced texture is desired. The tactile surface adds architectural detail and can create focal points in a room.

The decor version of the Romana tile features a rustic finish characterized by horizontal linear ridges. These raised lines add texture and depth to the tile, creating a more dynamic visual interest.

By combining the flat and rustic finishes, you can create a balanced and visually appealing design that adds both sophistication and interest to any interior space.


Ramona Light

Romana Light Grey

Romana Dark

Romana Dark Grey

Ramona Decor

Romana Decor


Color/Pattern: Ligh Gray , Dark Gray

Material: Ceramic

Brand: Seraset

Shape: Rectangle

Size: 30×90

Finish: Matte

Shade Variation: V1

Collection: Concrete, Rustic


Wet Interior Wall: Yes

Exterior Wall: No

Submerged Pool: No


Residential Floor: No

Commercial Floor: No

Exterior Floor: No